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MSH Military Supply
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We need to know:

All of our Bed frames are for industrial use only, sorry we do not sell them for home use. We can sell mattresses and linens to anyone.

You can cut and paste the following lines into an e-mail then answer at the end if each line.

What model # ?
How many ?
What size? Width? / Length ?
Do you need Rails ?
Front rails are 51" How many ?
Back Rails are 76" How many ?
Do you need Ladders ?

Do you need Mattresses ?
How many ?
What size ? How thick ?
What comfort level ? Basic, Intermediate, Luxurious
Waterproof? or Non-Waterproof?
What is the Ship to: State, City, Zip Code ? If you want a shipping cost.
Do you have a forklift or high dock ?

If you include a company or organization name, it makes it easy to look up later if you place the order.

If you need Bunk and Beds. Cut and paste this twice one for Bunks one for beds.

We can write you a formal quote if you like.

We will be happy to talk to you and answer any questions you have or help you decide which Bunk bed or bed is best for you. Along with mattress questions. Such as Foam Densities, Springs, Thicknesses, Tickings, etc.

Please call or e-mail your questions: MSH 310-704-9055

We can take your order over the phone.
Payments can be by Credit Card, Bank Wire Transfer, Pay Pal or a Check can be mailed after a formal written or verbal quote is given to you.

All of our bed frames are for industrial use only.

We accept purchase orders from: Government, Military, Federal, State, Local, Universities, Qualified Companies.

Checks can be made out to "MSH" and mailed to:

4429 E. Village Road
Long Beach, CA 90808
Ph: 310-704-9055
Fax: available upon request.

Most major credit cards are accepted over the phone.

Thank you

Jim Frei