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Wholesale Prices please email us

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Sorry, we do not mail out catalogs anymore

Call us: MSH (310) 704-9055 or
E-mail your order

If it is a small order, please have your measurements ready.

Chest size in inches, measured with a measuring tape, sleeve length (back of the neck across the
shoulder to the wrist, neck size if this applies.

Many of our items are European and they don't go by the American Size scale
They are not Small, Medium, Large.
For this reason we hand measure every thing to make sure it will fit you.

We will calculate postage and tell you the total cost of your order.

We ship to the general public. You do not need to be a store.
Some products are restricted to industrial use only.

" No order is too small
Click here to email us.

We take most major credit cards over the phone.
We also accept PayPal
Checks, money orders, international money orders, international checks
Western Union wire transfers and bank wire transfers.
Please make sure checks are payable to: "MSH" Not the name of the web site.

International orders are welcome
PayPal is a fast, easy and safe way for international orders.
Sorry, we can not accept international credit cards, only domestic credit cards.
We accept bank wire transfers, Western Union wire transfers, international checks,
money orders made payable to MSH

U.S. Military Clothing Size Chart
29"- 33"
33"- 37"
37"- 41"
41"- 45"
45"- 49"
49"- 53"
53"- 57"
57"- 61"
23" - 27"
27"- 31"
31"- 35"
35"- 39"
39"- 43"
43"- 47"
47"- 51"
51"- 55"
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Administrative office address below:
Please make all checks or money orders payable to:
Paypal payment I. D. is the same as our email address:

This is a distribution warehouse
We do not have a showroom

4429 E. Village Road
Long Beach , California 90808 U.S.A.
Phone: (310) 704-9055
E-Mail Address:

Sales manager: Jim Frei
Cage Code / CCR Number 4L7C5
MSH Long Beach, California 90808
No order is too small.

Return Policy
Please call or email us for return authorization number before returning an item.
Most items have a 25% restocking fee on returned items.
Up to a 50% restocking charge if wrong measurements are given or shipment is returned without prior notice.
Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.
Some items are not returnable.
Any item special ordered is not returnable
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Privacy policy
We never use cookies on our website.
We think it is an invasion of privacy to put cookies and
scripts on your computer to track anyone that comes to our site.
We don't like seeing products we searched for as pop-up ads on the computer a
few days later and I bet you don't either.
Our philosophy is we appreciate you visiting our site and we hope
we have products you like.
If you choose to purchase something, great, thank you.
We will never send you ads down the road either.
You know where we are and if you would like to visit again, we are always
here to help.
We will never sell, convey, transfer your information to anyone in any way
possible. Email, Phone, Robo Call, Spam, Telex, Morse Code, Telegram,
Address List, Mail-Outs, Fliers, Telemarketers, Door to Door Sales People,
Mental Telepathy, Mind Melting, A Whisper, Carrier Pigeon,
Parachute Drops, Sky Writing or Shoot your information
out of a t-shirt cannon to anyone.
Even under threat of torture or bodily injury to our staff.
Your call, conversation and purchase is safe with us.
If you don't like sending email we understand.
Give us a call 310-704-9055
Call from a pay phone or burn phone if it makes you feel better, if you can find one nowdays.
We also have a fax number if you call and ask for it.

The Management at MSH

Colors may be slightly different on your computer monitor from from the actual item.
Accurate color rendition is difficult on a computer monitor.
Every item on this entire site is sold as
a novelty item