• Privacy Policy

    We never use cookies on our website. We think it is an invasion of privacy to put cookies and scripts on your computer to track anyone that comes to our site. We don't like seeing products we searched for as pop-up ads on the computer a few days later and I bet you don't either. Our philosophy is we appreciate you visiting our site and we hope we have products you like. If you choose to purchase something, great, thank you. We will never send you ads down the road either. You know where we are and if you would like to visit again, we are always here to help. We will never sell, convey, transfer your information to anyone in any way possible. Email, Phone, Robo Call, Spam, Telex, Morse Code, Telegram, Address List, Mail-Outs, Fliers, Telemarketers, Door to Door Sales People, Mental Telepathy, Mind Melting, A Whisper, Carrier Pigeon, Parachute Drops, Sky Writing or Shoot your information out of a t-shirt cannon to anyone. Even under threat of torture or bodily injury to our staff. Your call, conversation and purchase is safe with us. If you don't like sending email we understand. Give us a call 310-704-9055 Call from a pay phone or burn phone if it makes you feel better, if you can find a payphone nowadays. We also have a fax number if you call and ask for our fax number.  The Management at MSH